Punjab Agro provides the facility, traceability and transparency to organic produce

To ensure complete organic transparency and best certificate level quality produce, Punjab Agro has joined hands with an IT portal to digitize the farmer database by giving access to technical know-how on crop planning and management, inputs, credit, post-harvest management, value addition and better market linkages. The centralized platform would help capture all relevant information through a simple mobile application and give dashboard based insights on the data captured. Having field-level monitoring capability, all the farm activities are captured in the system ensuring traceability of the entire value chain. Punjab Agro plans to bring along traceability in 20,000 acres of organic producing area in Punjab, bringing all relevant information of the farmer, plot and cropping season into a single platform under PAGREXCO’s project to intervene in Traceability. It will be pertinent to mention here the success of the Potato Seed Certification program, initiated last year to achieve the twin objective of traceability & transparency.


Gagandeep Singh

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Harpreet Kaur

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