About Us

We are what we eat. What we eat becomes a part of us over time. No wonder, food grown with synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, GMO seeds etc. are making us sick. It’s this disturbing trend that has made people realise the importance of organic farming. It uses completely natural resources to cultivate the produce on fields that have no traces of synthetic fertilizers, with organic seeds, using only bio-pesticides and bio-nutrients. At Five Rivers, we are committed to provide our consumers with certified, true organic food and farm-fresh fruits and vegetables that is scientifically produced, processed and packed, to add to their joy and healthy years ahead.

Why Five Rivers ?

  • True Organic: Certified by USDA, SGS and NPOP, which are the leading certification agencies across USA, Europe and India.
  • High on Antioxidants: Five Rivers True Organic products can have up to 69% extra antioxidants for extra oxygen to every cell, keeping them healthy and disease-free.
  • More Nitrates, Iron and Zinc: Five River True Organic produce has more iron and zinc for stronger immune system, and up to 30% less nitrates to keep the harmful elements at bay.
  • Fresh off the Farms: The fruits and vegetables grown at Five Rivers are ready to be consumed within 24 hours of picking them from fields.
  • Ideal Food for Expectant Mothers: With extra dose of antioxidants and minerals, Five Rivers True Organic is tailormade for expectant mothers. Free from all harmful pesticides and fertilizers, it provides the safe and added nutrition to the mother and the baby.
  • Right Food for Children: Cells are the building blocks of life and Five Rivers True Organic nourishes each cell with more oxygen, clean nutrients and adds to the overall immunity of the body.
  • Direct from Farms: Five Rivers has more than 2000 farmers who have successfully readied their farms for organic produce as per our standards and are ready to serve you. That’s why our consumers get farm fresh produce, without any middleman to worry about.
  • Zero Compromise: Before even a grain of food is allowed the Five Rivers stamp, it takes three years of training and management of soil to make it free of all synthetic pesticide and fertilizer residues. The farmers are trained continuously on techniques to handle unique issues related to pests with the help of bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides and bio-nutrients. Regular audits of the soil and the produce ensures complete adherence to the guidelines. Only after satisfying all the parameters and audits by external auditors, the farm is approved for the coveted Five Rivers stamp.
  • Processing, Storage and Packing: Five Rivers produce is stored in imported cocoons to retain the organic nature of the produce, processed at certified organic mills and packed as per the prescribed organic standards. This ensure that the true organic nature of every Five rivers produce is maintained.
  • Complete Traceability: Every Five Rivers produce is 100% traceable to the farm it originates from, the processes followed and audit reports.


Gagandeep Singh

"Made up of high-quality tomatoes from the heartland of Punjab, Five Rivers Tomato ketchup is rich and delicious."

Harpreet Kaur

"Five Rivers Mango Drink is a perfect choice to satiate the tastebuds and dive into the delicious taste of dasheri mangoes."